Shoot the Breeze: Nico Krijno

Intro by Maya Laner

No matter how humdrum the subject matter, Nico Krijno makes it seem as if its just been beamed down from another planet. Somehow we found his work all the way from Cape Town, South Africa and ended up using his photo for our latest cover. Although Nico says he can only see from his one eye, he seems to see things better than most people do with two. 

1. Why do you take photos?
To rearrange my brain

2. Do you carry your camera with you everywhere you go?
Mostly yes

3. What celebrity would you like to shoot most?
Jim Carrey

4. What animal would you like to be, if not a human?
An Elephant with a hippo sidekick.

5. What is your favourite smell?
The smell that two river rocks make when you hit them together really reminds me of my youth.

6. Would you like to live forever?
Scary thought.

7. What do you think is the best photo you have ever taken to date?
I don’t have favourites.

8. What’s your favourite pastime?
Being out in nature on a mountain – out of my comfort zone. Marvelling on my own somewhere. discovering strange new places.

9. Do you like having your photo taken?
Pet peeve. My soon to be wife always laughs when trying to take my picture – I apparently have a very stern look on my face. The camera never lies.

10. Who are your favourite photographers, currently?
I really enjoy the works of Christian Patterson – Roe Etheridge – Rachel de Joode – Elad Lassry.