Review: 8 The Esplanade

8 The Esplanade, curated by Jess Carroll and Emma Clough, took place in Toronto last month. The show asked 15 artists to ruminate on their relationship to the home space. Carroll explains that the idea came about after spending a lot of time working on a film project in the same gallery space (belonging to artist Geoffrey Pugen). When they decided to go forward with the idea, they wanted the show to examine lived spaces and the idea of living with art objects. All of the works are references to home, whether as a cold space, an impermanent space, a space in opposition to another space, a space to reflect.  The curators intended to ensure that none of the work could be read strictly as “art”, but instead was either materially decorative or functional. Here Kristie Muller provides documentation for those of us who could not attend.



Joshua Citarella, Untitled (Clouds), 2015


(from left to right) Geoffrey Pugen, Interior Condo, 2015; Marvin Luvualu Antonio, Untitled (cushion), 2015; Joshua Citarella, Untitled (Clouds), 2015; Brad Tinmouth, Pro Mix Chair (1), 2015; Naomi Yasui, Fallen Flat (x2), 2011.


Kristie Muller, New Medium, 2015


Brad Tinmouth, Pro Mix Chair (1), 2015; Naomi Yasui, Fallen Flat (x2), 2011.


Brad Tinmouth, Incense Burner, 2015


Valerie Kolakis, Untitled (Cargo Blankets and Packing Tape), 2011


Valerie Kolakis, Untitled (Stacked), 2012


(from left to right) Talwst , Uh Huh Honey, 2014;Talwst , Untitled (Venus), 2015


Tibi Tibi Neuspiel, YGIGLF, 2013


Ben Hall, Nunca, 2014


Jeff Bierk, Everybody Wins (except for the losers), 2015