Preview: YoureWelcome

We’re excited to preview work from YoureWelcome, a one-night-only group exhibition taking place in New York this evening. A follow up to last year’s show Thankyou, in the East Village, YoureWelcome continues the discourse of what it means to be an artist in New York City. The show sets out to explore issues of identity and assimilation over various social and geographical landscapes. And it does just that: YoureWelcome brings together 5 very different artists, each with a varying style, medium, and background. The group stated, “Forming an identity is heavy handed and can be carelessly defined by niche, cliche, people, an environment.  Particularly in New York there is present this constant stimuli that inevitably rubs off on who you are. A life in this city for a substantial length of time has a rather lasting impact on how one comes to see the reality and our place in it.”  See some images from the show below and head over to Kinfolk at 94 Wythe between 7 and 10 pm tonight! 

Rebekah Campbell (1)

Rebekah Campbell 3

Rebekah Campbell: 22 years old, Rebekah Campbell is based in NYC. Her work revolves around beauty and youth, a mixture of feelings conjured up from her teenage years. She was born in the USA and significantly considers sources of inspiration to be where she is at the moment. She recently earned her BFA at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Gia (1)

Gia Seo

Gia Seo: Gia Seo is a visual artist from Alaska, based in New York City, a graduate from NYU’s Studio Art and Film program. Through the rise of a consumer market catered towards a very unforgiving niche, her work creates a social dialogue between the marriage of a luxury landscape and its debilitating effect.

JamesEvans (1)

James Evans: James Evans is a multidisciplinary artist originally from Denver, Colorado, currently based out of New York. He works primarily as a painter but incorporates elements of graphic design, and writing into his original works.

Joe Richards

Joe Richards: Joe Richards is a multi-media artist living and working in New York. Originally from San Francisco, California, the artist has a varied fine art practice which has since included paint, film, and collage. His most recent works depict emotions of frustration within social norms while borrowing from punk culture.

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 4.41.41 PM

Antwan Duncan 2

Antwan Duncan: Antwan Duncan is a documentary photographer and tastemaker born in Georgia, raised in Texas and based in New York for the last 11 years. His work is spent exploring the differences between reality and fantasy, in how we present ourselves and in the idea of transparency.