Premiere: Gobby’s Northeastern Promises

Gobby’s music evokes a cartoonish sense of possibility, where the laws of physics don’t apply and people and things can stretch like elastic bands. Noisy, electronic, and approaching ominous, an intuitive pop sensibility permeates the mental-as-hell music he makes. In his newest track “Northeastern Promises”—a nine-minute amuse-bouche for his electronic-opera double LP EL HONKO MIXED forthcoming on HOSS—a distorted collage of jangles and beats alludes to wacky and wild cultural touchstones like marching bands, The Looney Tunes, Disney musicals, and Pee-wee’s Playhouse. It makes total sense that Gobby’s visual art practice includes comic-style illustrations and puppet dioramas. – Whitney Mallett

Catch Gobby DJ at our NYC launch party this Saturday.