Pillow Talk by Nick Sethi

Inspired by Esra Soraya Padgett‘s scholarship, Pillow Talk – a roving series on sex, love, community, and communication – explored the concept of consent. Editorial Magazine presents photos from Pillow Talk’s Consent Event afterparty. Shot in soft bedroom lighting by Nick Sethi, these photographs express what it means to “pillow talk.” Among Pillow Talk’s portrait subjects are Ethan James Green, Liara Roux, Mykki Blanco, Analisa Teachworth, Dara, Lexii Foxx, Jamieson Webster, Sam Penn, hannah baer, Joe Apollonio, Jessi Reaves, Sonny Molina, Muna Mire, and many more! Consent Event was co-directed by Esra Soraya Padgett and Duncan, and presented in partnership with Pornhub, see accompanying the panel video series. Pillow Talk is the “soft” spinoff of Fiona Alison Duncan‘s successful literary salon Hard to Read.

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