Petra Collins Visits Jenny Fax Studio

Published in Issue 20

Bleeep-boop bleeeeep-boop. What you might hear as a high- pitch screeching noise is actually your fax machine listening to the 1s and 0s of an encoded message. Office spaces whirl with the warm noises of machines. Cozy in their carpeted homes, busying themselves with a slow focus. Here Petra Collins shoots some of the designs of Jen-Fang Shueh, under her label Jenny Fax. The Tokyo-based label was founded by Shueh in 2010, inspired by Harajuku girls, Decora and Gothic Lolita fashion subcultures, Cabbage Patch Kids, the abandon of teenage girls, and 80s and 90s American suburbia. Together Collins and Jenny Fax take the warm mundane and convert it into dreamland fodder. Featuring model Mihori. -Olivia Whittick

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