Kyung Me’s Copy Kitty

A shimmering fake moon, opulent costume changes, and Depression-era Art Deco set the backdrop for this spellbinding new narrative from Kyung Me.

Spotlight: Giovanna Flores

A presentation of upcoming designer Giovanna Flores’ collection shot by Cruz Valdez and styled by Marcus Cuffie. Model: Stefany Interview by Marcus Cuffie

Harold Klunder’s Language and Music

Review by Darby Milbrath Language and Music at Clint Roenisch Gallery Toronto 27 October – 16 December 2017 Harold Klunder is one of Canada’s leading painters. Now 74 years old, he has exhibited constantly since his first solo show in 1976, through many fluctuations in the art world. Klunder immigrated to Canada with his family from the Netherlands in 1952….

Premiere: Cyber’s Where We Belong

Today we are very excited to premiere the latest song from Montreal native electronic pop/RnB singer, Loedie Domond AKA Cyber. “Where We Belong” is an anthem for self love, Cyber tells us. The artist asks herself, “Where have you been girl, it’s been a long time.. are you ok?” This is a song about reconnecting to…

Symbolisms at Cooper Cole

Symbolisms: A review of the group show at Cooper Cole by Darby Milbrath. Highlights of the show include Isabelle Fein’s small, romantically playful paintings, Katharina Hoeglinger’s dreamily fluid still life’s and Rachelle Sawatsky’s wildly morbid expressionist painting.

Drake Carr

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 17 When Drake Carr told us he learned to draw by tracing comic books like X-Men, we weren’t surprised. His characters are like super-human party-people, pulsating mutants whose special powers include feeling good and having fun. In Drake’s world, cartoon nightclubbers step-out in skyscraping stilettos and crush it on the dance floor…

An Interview with Alake Shilling

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 17 INTERVIEW BY CLAIRE MILBRATH A sad cowboy teddy bear rides his way home from the local watering hole, where a frog naps atop a lily pad and swirly butterflies hide among glittering daisies. We’ve arrived in the psychedelic fable world of Alake Shilling. Alake’s heavily textured works borrow elements of nature…

Messing with the Classics: Rian Pozzebon

A story filled with unlikely characters including designers from major athletic brands, sales reps outside of skate culture, unfortunate puffy skate shoes, and two pattern makers who weren’t afraid to dumpster dive to preserve history.

Autumn Dread ~ Halloween Mix by Darby Milbrath

Autumn Dread is an ominous arrangement of melancholic and morbid baroque and chamber orchestral music: bleak solo piano, uneasy strings, choral hymns, ballet adagio suites from mystical fairytales, and foreboding sci-fi and horror film scores. These eerie harmonies and dissonances, compiled by expressionist painter Darby Milbrath, have inspired her through her long bouts of isolation in…

Ars Moriendi 2.0: Brad Phillips on Heaven’s Gate

Brad Phillips muses on the Heaven’s Gate mass suicide as a piece of folk American installation art

Paintings by Matthew Wong

Matthew Wong is a self-taught painter instinctually navigating his internal rhythms as a way of processing and responding to the visual and cerebral world around him.

Behind the Magazine: A Documentary

Filmmaker Dr.Cool gains unprecedented access to the inner workings of this fashion/art bible, as legendary Editor-in-Chief Claire Milbrath and her staff carry out the massive preparations necessary to produce Issue 16 of Editorial Magazine. Crew: Filmed by Frankie Teardrop Edited by Jordan Minkoff

Logan White

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 17 Logan White’s photography deals with frank representations of the female form against various backdrops and arrangements that absorb the symbolic nature of femininity. Whatever we associate with women isn’t inherent to their bodies, since the human body as it exists in purely anatomical terms has no bearing on its symbolic value….

An Interview with COME TEES

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 17 INTERVIEW BY SARAH IANNONE PHOTOS BY KRISTY BENJAMIN Like so many others, by the time Sonya Sombreuil graduated college with a degree in painting, she felt like her path as an artist had become abstract and obfuscated. Mired by the arbitrary privacy of the studio method, she had the impulse to…

A Matinee in Newark Editorial

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 17 PHOTOS BY FATINE-VIOLETTE SABIRI STYLING BY FRANCOIS GRAVEL MODEL: TAWAN Clothing Credits:  1. accessories: Pauline Ebel, coat: Barragan, pants: stylist’s own, shoes: Eckhaus Latta. 2.  accessories: Pauline Ebel, jacket: Loewe, belt: Ann Demeulemeester, bag: Gérald & Fatine, boots: stylist’s own. Ulysse, skirt: Barragan, sandals: Camper.  4. accessories: Pauline Ebel, top: Ann…

Interview with Sojourner Truth Parsons

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 17 The cool breeze off her back is my face cream, 2016, canvas, acrylic, glue on canvas. Courtesy of the artist and Downs & Ross, New York.  And then there’s Sojourner Truth Parsons, a Canadian-born artist of Mi’kmaq, African-Canadian, and settler heritage. A very sincere, deeply sensitive young woman with a faraway,…

Mind Your Own Jizz: An Essay by Estelle Davis

AN ESSAY BY ESTELLE DAVIS PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 17 I have always felt a surprising connection to the the transmisogynist term “autogynephilia.” Not that I ever casually refer to myself as an autogynephile during afternoon tea, but more that I find a power in exploring its repressive history and understanding the way its logic codes…

Behind the Fashion: 10 Past 5 Editorial

As if seeing the editorial in print was enough! Put on your voyeur hat, let’s go inside the photoshoot that was the magic of 10 Past 5.