NYFW 2015 Trend Round-Up

Our NYFW Correspondent, Jordan Minkoff, gives us the fashion week scoop, including a round-up of the season’s hottest catwalk trends!


Alas, we arrive at the close of NYFW F/W 2015. For years upon years fashion week has been the fashion world’s F-U to, well, the fashion world. Bringing in unbridled boys and girls from the far reaches of the globe to bask in a glamourous time of sherry wine and bejeweled goblet, it looks like fashion week is a week long. Fashion week is all about Fashion Fashion Fashion. Just take a quick glance around the crowded streets of any bustling metropolis this time of the year and it’s not hard to find what’s hot and what isn’t for the season. For me, fashion is my passion even if it’s in rations. Just now a very spicy man walked by in an aubergine neck tie that made me guffaw. More proof that fashion is happening and is hot like new coffee! Don’t be afraid to grind your own beans at home my friends, because a fashion statement can tell a lot about who you are. But I digress; whether it’s a fresh pair of ready-to-wear ear mufflers or a nylon bathrobe stretching the boundaries of a knife-pleating, fashion kitten-heels have been clicking to the beat of their own drum since the dawn of the shoes, “Pump” and “Ugg.” But what happens when you mix time into the equation? As time passes by and the universe shoots further out of itself it is the trends that will come and the trends that will go. However, some trends are timeless. In the fashion world we call these pieces “Pop-up-Shops.” So what have we learned from the NYFW F/W 2015 shows? And what is Pop-Up-Shop for the coming season? One word: RETRO.

In the 60’s bangles and willy-necks were all the craze. Young hippies and dippies gravitated towards the trend as a way of expressing their counter-culture tendencies. And if we learned anything at NYFW it is that willy-necks are back in a BIG way! We saw them splinking down the runway time and time again this week. Other items you’re likely to see on this season’s NYFW retro shopping list include fish-sacks fashioned with denim and lace to provide a certain je ne sais quoi. But who’s counting, right? Wrong. It has been over 30 years and counting since the 60’s counter-culture made a fashion splish-splash, so maybe it’s time to dust off your groovy stick collection and put that goblet where your mouth is. That’s right, RETRO is 2015’s hottest fashion buzz and it has this year’s finest runways and look-books absolutely dripping with fluted-hem!

flute fishsacks willy