No Sesso’s Modern Day Royalty


Italian for “no sex/gender,” No Sesso is the Los Angeles-based fashion house headed by Pierre Davis, and comprised of her close friends. The community-powered brand focuses on empowering people of all colours, shapes, and identities on a global scale by challenging but welcoming fashion. Davis utilizes a wide range of prints, fabrics, and reconstructed materials, most notably hand-embroidery, a brand signature.

What were you doing before you were a fashion designer?
I have always designed clothes.

Why did you start designing clothes?
I started designing clothes because I saw nothing in retail stores I was able to connect to, so I designed things I wanted to wear.

What would you be doing if not working in fashion?
I would still be trying to tap into the future one way or another. Working in science.

How can fashion be a form of activism?
Fashion has always been a form of activism. It’s self-expression, first of all. Self-expression is one of the biggest forms of protest.   

Three words that encompass the No Sesso spirit:
Fearless, innovator, & iconic.

You’ve talked about Kerry James Marshall being a major inspiration for No Sesso’s use of colour, and you’ve collaborated with visual artists like Janiva Ellis. Who are some artists inspiring you right now?
Kerry James Marshall was an inspiration at a specific time, but I’m really interested and inspired constantly by Janiva Ellis, her use of colours and the stories told are so important.

Who are some of your favourite fashion designers, established or independent, past or present?
I love James Flemons of Phlemuns and I’m a big fan of Mowalola.

What are you listening to?
I’m always listening to Kelsey Lu, Kelela, SZA. DJ sets by Venus X and Asmara. Steady listening to BbyMutha.

What does your workspace look like?
My work space is currently filled with two new collections I will be debuting later this year.

What do you dream about?
I don’t always remember my dreams.