New Information ~ Courtney During the Day

We discovered New Information through the release of their compilation tape, Styles for Relaxation. A bounty of new ambient and retrograde house music, Styles for Relaxation also included some names close-to-home, Montreal music makers Unknown Mobile and RAMZi. With New Information on our radar, we were delighted when the Portland-based  “consultant” behind N.I., Andrew Heuback, reached out with his latest mix titled Courtney During the Day. Treating us to moody nostalgic tunes from the likes of John Tender and Alan Feanch, Heuback’s mix is perfect for winter hibernation. I’m reminded that, at times, the internet can make the world feel a bit more cozy. The mix is dedicated to Courtney, a friend of Heuback’s, a single mother of two, and a private detective.