Lafaille FW21

It’s that time of year when our color returns. Grass becomes green again, bare tree branches are engulfed in foamy blossoms. Color also comes back in places a little more unexpected—sandy crevices in the sidewalk become dandelion gardens, mullein pushes its way out from a crack below a stop sign. An unexpected display of vital energy; the natural world invading urban constructs. It’s the tension of transformation that is the driving force behind the ethos of sustainable Montreal-based designer Benjamin Lafaille. For his latest FW21 collection, he also takes cues from the world of fetish—bondage, soaked clothing, peek-a-boo voyeurism—grappling with the concept of restraint. How we try to restrain nature, how we try to restrain ourselves, our desires. A mix of both upcycled and sustainably-sourced materials, Lafaille FW21 invites us to deconstruct and rethink how we present ourselves to the world.

Photography: Samuel Fournier. Models: Rebecca Storm, Amer from Facesmgmt, Candy from System, Rohan from Want Management. Hair: Francis Bouchard. Stylist & Accessories consultant: Miche Arismandez. Art direction: Benjamin Lafaille. Design assistant: Tishanna Carnevale & Elise Milot. Production: Justine Gervais.