Interview with Weedslut

Photos by Caity Lee
Interview by Claire Milbrath

Printed in Issue 20

Zoë Kestan is the quintessential modern businesswoman. In an online sea of hot-girl influencers, she is refreshingly candid, with a distinct personal style and unabashed hustler ethos. Despite Instagram constantly deleting her accounts (@ weed_slut_420), Zoë remains ambitious, launching a line of weed-smoking paraphernalia to go alongside her clothing brand, Weedslut, a range of lingerie, dance-wear, and satin-quilted jackets. With an ever-growing distaste for the fashion industry, we’re opting out of luxury-branded editorials and choosing to highlight individuals with a unique sense of style. Zoë is pictured here wearing her own creations. -CM

Describe your ideal lover.

My ideal lover is definitely someone who is confident, adventurous, extremely generous, and very present with their sexuality. I’m a very explorative lover, I’m especially submissive, and am always very present in the moment. I always want to get the most out of any sexual experience. When the connection between partners becomes very strong and consistent, I believe it’s really important to know each other’s unique interests and to learn how to continually adapt your own sexuality to your partners, so that the connection can continue to grow. There’s also never anything wrong with expanding your own sexual vocabulary, as long there is always a foundation of respect, empathy, admiration, and generosity.

Do you believe in true love?

I’ve seen true love and I’ve read about it in history books. I’ve yet to experience it. I’ve found love in romantic relationships, and I like to think I’ve even found unconditional love amongst both lovers and friends. But I believe true love requires two people to have their lives entwined over many phases of life, as they go through changes and become new versions of themselves, and of course have unconditional love for each other regardless. I’m a sucker for love and romance, and have always loved those moments in the early stages of a relationship. I’m single now, and have grown tremendously from each romantic relationship I’ve had, each a lesson closer to becoming the version of myself that will be ready for my true love when we finally cross paths.

What’s your favourite weed strain and why?

Sour Diesel is an ultimate classic and something I grew up smoking here in New York. High Quality Sour Diesel is so happy and relaxing, just the best. I mostly enjoy Sativa strains. Some of my other favorites are Maui Wowie, Blue Dream, Lemon Haze, and Tangie. Occasionally I will crave a nice Indica at nighttime and before bed, such as the famously heavy Gorilla Glue (#3), but never during the day!

What do you do for fun?

One of my favorite things to do is to take a good 1-2 hours to do my makeup. I love exploring color and application techniques. I stopped spending money on clothes a few years ago— once I realized how much money I needed to be able to make my own. My makeup- shopping addiction, however, is very real. I am also a huge TV lover/addict. Most HBO shows just blow me out of the water. There are a handful of reality shows that also really entertain the shit out of me sometimes, too. I recently finished watching The Deuce (which actually happens to be about the sex industries in the 70’s and 80’s) and I was so thrilled when I realized it was by David Simon, the creator of The Wire, one of my favorites. I get very involved in the stories and themes, and sometimes I end up reading way too many articles and message boards when I can’t get a show out of my head! I also love alternate- history based stuff, like The Man in the High Castle, or Watchmen, or The Handmaid’s Tale.

How did you start your clothing brand?

I began designing my own lingerie while still in college as I started wearing more “exotic dance-wear” through various extra-curricular activities in my life. At 19, I started performing as an online cam-girl, and eventually spent a few years dancing in gentleman’s clubs in NYC as a means of making a living while starting a freelance design career. Participating in that kind of work came so naturally to me, and provided a whole new mindset to so many things I’ve always been interested in. I’ve always been wildly interested in women’s sexuality and body politics, so I was quickly led to thinking about lingerie in a brand new light after becoming a sex worker.

What future do you envision for your business?

My first dream has always been to establish myself as a serious designer in the fashion world. I’m excited to push my design message further into new collections and garment styles, and to also become a part of the greater narrative of fashion design, fashion politics, and the future of the fashion industry. While the direct-to-consumer shift is probably the most notable one in the landscape today, lingerie is also an interesting entrée, as it hasn’t ever really been in conversation with RTW. It’s effectively seasonless, and also is having an interesting moment right now with the success of brands like Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty, and the decline of powerhouses like Victoria’s Secret.

I hope to build my business on a model of sustainability and true quality design. I believe that moving forward, people should be buying clothes with commitment and heart, with a real appreciation for each new purchase, so that our current system of trends and fast fashion does not contribute to the detriment of our planet as it has so much in recent history.

I’ve always been interested in the way branding can itself be an art form. I am definitely excited to delve deeper into the cannabis industry, as well as the adult toy and product industry, and possibly even beauty. I’m a huge fan of the term “parasocial” commerce, which acknowledges how social media content creates a brand new way to connect with customers. I hope that Weedslut can explore new content projects such as tutorials, live- streams, and other interactive media formats that will also lead the brand into other industries.

What does sexy mean to you?

“Sexy” is an aura, an attitude, and an attribute. When it comes to women’s clothing in particular, confidence is quite simply the sexiest thing a woman can wear. Self-love, sincerity, and ingenuity turn me on almost every time, no matter who or what it is that I am looking at.

What’s your advice for an aspiring Style Icon?

Research and learn about the styles and pieces you are drawn to. Find moments in fashion history that you love. And then find your own way to style them! Create new combinations that feel expressively yours. Always be comfortable and wear your confidence.

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