A Conversation with Project Pablo


Besides a vinyl and protective sheath, record sleeves often contain a promo sheet. They are typically simple, unsexy, and easy garbage. All the pertinent information of the release is there—release date, label, and other general housekeeping information, like where the perspective selector will store their new record. They seem to function under the pretense that every record collection is filed and categorized to a degree that would make any true-blue bureaucrat drool (hardly a reality). Sometimes, there is even an attempt to summate the sounds on the record itself. The language is colorful and pumped-up: words like ‘hype’ and ‘big’ aren’t uncommon. They are the strange last point of contact before a record is consumed, and ultimately bought or binned.

Project Pablo has slid aside more than one promo sheet in his tenure as a top selector and songsmith. Which is why It was only fitting to find out more about the Montreal, QC producer by having him fill out the filing questions on a promo sheet. But of course his answers don’t reflect the record that the promo sheet came from. Instead, his answers are a glimpse into everything he’s been up to lately, what he’s been working on, and what runs through his mind from time to time. Read it as a companion to the unique and nothing but listenable mix he has prepared for us, and find out what the Life of Pablo is really about.

Editorial Scan



Radio stations you listen to: N10.as, BCR, NTS, Radar Radio

Magazines you read: Editorial, DDOGG

Where do you shop for urban music? DOV, Discogs, Pacific Rhythm

Other DJs we should service and why? Tony C, Joe Toner, Riohv, Hundo P.

Favourite tracks: “Black Cow” – Steely Dan, “Stone In Focus” – Aphex Twin

What do you spin and where? Digi + discs ~ dancing music @Datcha + 6545

Do you chart or do reviews for any publication? Charts @ Clone, Phonica and Resident Advisor

Additional Comments: On tour in Europa, maybe see you there?