In the Stars with Kiera McNally: 2016

13.ZODIAC copy

It’s a new year and a new you! Time to read up on what’s in store for you.  Horoscopes brought to by our staff astrologer Kiera McNally. 

1.ARIES copy
Whoa! Slow down there Aries. Such a big wonderful year, no reason to rush through. Mercury will be lighting up your social life and with all the go-go-go it will be important to stay focused. Don’t go ramming you horn in every goat you see. It will be important to not be a ba-ba-bad kid and be a little choosy. Because the second half of the year it will be a little more empty in the barn yard.

2.TAURUS copy
Amen Taurus! After two years of a few trials and tribulations Jupiter will finally be helping you out. 2016 looks like it’s going to be #BLESSED. Everything is promising regarding work, love and home. Especially babies! Whether it be an actual human or some sort of project, it will be a labor of love. Appreciate the full support of your angels in this heavenly atmosphere because come September, work is going to be hell. Heh.

3.GEMINI copy
Hello Gemini! Nice to meet this side of you! Saturn is entering your sign and 2016 will be all about the many new characters (acquaintances, lovers, advisors) entering your super cool exclusive club. But even though it’s exclusive, it’s okay to let people in. You may have been thinking and planning this past while of the way you want your life to be, so much old criteria bubbling up, instead of letting it boil over. Take it to a simmer and start cooking for your new friends.

4.CANCER copy
Dear Cancer, it may be a bit cloudy this upcoming year but stay positive because the storm is over and the sun will come out soon. Stop questioning your dreams to play outside. But bring your coat just in case you get cold in these few Mercury retrogrades moving through you house of relationships. The worst is over. Hopefully by now you’ve learned to carry an extra sweater. No worries, summer is just around the corner for you.

5.LEO copy
Get ready for the party Leo. 2016 will be a year to enjoy and everyone is waiting for you. It’s not a costume party, so please just be comfortable in the real you. Get your comedy routine ready, there will be lots of new people to talk to. But be careful not to over do it on the punch bowl, no one wants to be the joke of the party. Ask yourself “How do I find balance in life?” “How to be responsible and still have fun?” #YOLO (so be nice!)

6.VIRGO copy
Sup Virgo? It’s lit. And you’re in charge of the lights. The spotlight will be on socializing and friends for the most part. Take your over thinking and worrying to a dim and let your heart shine brightly. If any bulbs burn out, role up your sleeves and change it, you’ve always got back up. By the end of the year you will have a neon sign letting everyone know that you’re open for business.

7.LIBRA copy
Get your tank top on Libra, you’ve been aimlessly treading water for so long it’s time to show the world how jacked you’ve got. This hardcore training of last year taught you to be stranger, better, faster and it’s time to play the game right. Just be sure to play fairly and make friends because collabs will make waves. And you’ve become a great swimmer.


Earth to Scorpio! Are you still there? Jupiter will be expanding your dreams and hopes for the future in 2016. But it’s a year to make those fantasies into realities. Expand your horizons inside and out. You can reach the final frontier. Just be careful of Mars which will be retrograding in your sign halfway through the year and perhaps causing a few setbacks. Just slow down and enjoy the view. Shoot for the moon, even if you miss could land in Hollywood …among the stars. heh.

May the force be with you my Sagittarius friend. Because 2016 (I’m afraid to say) will not be an easy year. You may have to battle the dark side most of the year. But the good news is, you will be able to rally your own small rebel army. Take faith in your friends and the new ones you will make, because your greatest enemy will just be boredom. Don’t let the humdrum of everyday get the best of you (stay your brave, happy, sage self) Remember a jedi uses the force for knowledge, never for attack.

Hay Capricorn, it takes time to grow you garden. And it’s possible to have the best one this year. It will just take time. Pluto will be feeding your ambition, just be sure to define your goals and take stock of your responsibilities. Keep calm and plough on because slow and steady wins the race and by the end of the year you will be reaping in the fruits of your labor. Harvesting that sweet sweet green.

11.AQUARIUS copy
It’s out with the old and in with the new in 2016 for you Aquarius. It’s time to turn on, tune in, and don’t you dare drop out. Because it will be good to be on your ‘A’ game for all the new friends and relationships available to you this year. For the past two years Saturn may have made you feel fed up with the responsibilities and perhaps you got a little bit frustrated. But this year you can turn up the volume and sing along.

12.PISCES copy

Say hello to the living Pisces. 2016 will be helping you get to this side of the highway and you’ll no longer hear the ghosts of last year. I’m dead serious. Look forward to a lovely emotional calm with a few eclipses in spring and fall but they won’t be much to worry about. Jupiter will be entering your intimacy sector helping you with your relationships with everyone around you (definitely a special boo!) Remember transparency is key and always keep your spirits lifted. heh.