Liquid Asset Editorial Mix

The North-Carolina-based hardware techno producer is known for her heavy, rave-oriented mutations of classic dance music. Building her own electronics since 2010, Liquid Asset uses many different machines, including her own modified x0xb0x to create quintessential hacker jams. Equating sounds to “tools,” Liquid Asset uses long numerical guides and patterns to create her multi-machine live sets. Her mix for Editorial is equally mechanic, utilitarian and intense.

Soda Lite – Barroco Mix

Our next Editorial mix is brought to you from Soda Lite, aka Alex Last. Soda Lite’s expertly researched compilations of classical, ambient, and field recordings are essential listening for painters, writers, or those simply looking to connect with the rhythms of nature.

Bambii’s Físico Sauve Mix

Photos by Val Myroneko Styling by Marina Nedic We’re excited to release a new mix from Toronto DJ & producer Bambii, aka Kirsten Azan. The mix is called Físico Sauve which translates to “soft physical” in Portuguese. Committed to sharing a robust variety of genres from all over the globe, Bambii’s musical projects reflect her background…

Hollick’s Music for Water

“Music for Water is an idea I’ve had for sometime now. Since going to the local pool a lot more recently, I’ve come to realize how much water calms me. All songs selected have the theme of water running through them. Whether you’re heading to the pool, watering your plants, or just need a cool…

Venus Retrograde Mix ~ DJ Young Kiera

She’s back to help us through Venus Retrograde! Protect yourself from lurking exes and dive into hedonistic bliss with this new mix from DJ Young Kiera

Darby Milbrath’s Halloween Mix

Darby Milbrath returns for her annual Halloween mix of scary classical and ambience music. Warbling strings that are thought to be made by the devil. Artwork by Nick Bierk.  Darby Milbrath is a Toronto based artist and editor at Editorial. See more of her work HERE.  

Ren G ~ Editorial Mix

My friendship with Ren goes beyond the stars and what our compatible zodiac signs have to say for it. I will never forget meeting them at Kellogg’s Diner for waffles at 8am while I cried about whatever life crisis I was going through at the moment. They comfort me, encourage me, and give me more love than…

Jérico ~ Editorial Mix

Photo by Maiko Rodrig . Our latest mix comes from Montreal’s rising star Jérico. The Canadian Haitian producer makes experimental club music paired with Haitian Creole lyrics for a unique and vivid experience. Listen to his new EP ‘Walls’ out on New. We’re thrilled to announce Jérico will be playing our Montreal launch party May 19th at…

Andras ~ Editorial Mix

Our next Editorial mix comes from the Australian musician Andras (aliases Art Wilson and Wilson Tanner). Andras’ soft, new age albums Overworld, and 69, have served as psychological panacea in the past years at Editorial HQ. Haunted by the ghosts of Pioneer media players past, Andras comes to us with a recording laden with secret…

Philip Budny Editorial Mag Mix

“For whatever we lose (like a you or a me), It’s always our self we find in the sea.” – ee cummings Philip Budny has attracted our ears over the last year with his drifting, utopian, tracks released by the likes of our fav house music labels Coastal Haze, Church, and Lionoil Industries. Today we’re…

Lil Lonely Mix ~ DJ Young Kiera

Sit back with a cup of warm joe and tune into our latest mix from DJ Young Kiera. An eclectic mix of classical, ambient, and doo-wop perfect for one on one time with yourself. Picture by Christine Lai. 

New Information ~ Courtney During the Day

Moody nostalgic tunes brought to us from Andrew Heuback of the Portland-based house and ambient label New Information.

Autumn Dread ~ Halloween Mix by Darby Milbrath

Autumn Dread is an ominous arrangement of melancholic and morbid baroque and chamber orchestral music: bleak solo piano, uneasy strings, choral hymns, ballet adagio suites from mystical fairytales, and foreboding sci-fi and horror film scores. These eerie harmonies and dissonances, compiled by expressionist painter Darby Milbrath, have inspired her through her long bouts of isolation in…

Frankie Teardrop ~ Any Life You Want Mix

DJ Frankie Teardrop comes in hot and heavy with their latest mix “Any Life You Want” made exclusively for Editorial Magazine ears! If you don’t know Frankie Teardrop, it must mean you’ve never left the house, or cobwebs have sealed your eyes shut. Known for their bumpin’ queer dance parties, and for being one half of Slut Island Festival (the…

Parlé Mix ~ DJ Ashlyn Ace

DJ Ashlyn Ace brings us back to the late 90s with her exclusive new mix for Editorial Magazine, Parlé. Drawing inspiration from her formative years as a youth listening to 1.007 Milwaukee, the local R&B radio station, Ashlyn revisits slow burning bangers from the likes of Sa Deuce and Kavalier. Ashlyn Ace is now working…

Sad Cowboys And The Sound of Rain

Our first-ever mix master Daniel Rincon returns with the long-awaited second component to his first cowboy mix for the Editorial “Sad Cowboys And The Sound Of Their Guns.” Like what you hear? Well try listening to something completely different (but also wonderful) at Daniel’s techno & ambient record label ISLA.   Tune in and Turn Out!

Riohv ~ Falling Further Behind Mix

New mix for winter relaxation courtesy of Montreal producer Riohv. 

DJ Lil Tuts ~ Vertex In Pisces Mix

A new mix from DJ Lil Tuts channeling the predisposed response to your karmic experience; your emotions – which become the enzymes of your destiny…. More mixes from Tuts @winona4ever