Brian Rideout in the Garden Room

QUARRIED MARBLE, 2018, foam, plaster, acrylic, wood
Images Courtesy of MKG127

Enter a gallery room containing paintings of pictures, decoratively hung, warmly lit. The first work before us is not a painting of a space or the objects within it, but is a representational painting of the 72nd page of a 20th Century interior design book. The page of the book was found by the painter; a still life in of itself, and is complete with pleasantly enticing captions to welcome us. “In the Garden Room, rills of colour cascade down a painting by Morris Louis; Hugo Robus’ sculpture Yearning is reflected above the mantel. The table, a disk of polished granite, is surrounded by chairs suggesting snug containment. Snowy marble flooring adds hard-surface luster.”  

With an art-historical lineage tied to ‘Interior Painting’ and the history of painterly documentation of one’s luxury goods, these pictures take us into an elite domestic realm. Enter further into the gallery to see paintings of pictures documenting Cleto Funari’s personal collection of jewelry commissioned from leading post-modern architects, originally found in the 1987 tome Jewelry by Architects by Barbara Radice.

In the centre of the bejewelled gallery walls a cumbersome, immense slab of white Italian “marble” adds a distinctly cool extravagance to the room. Expanding upon Rideout’s wildly successful  “American Collection” series, these paintings amusingly marry the relationship between commercial advertisements and the history of Art and Painting.  Now you too, can own a luxurious fine art painting to adorn your home. “In the Garden Room” is open at MKG127 until October 13th.  – Darby Milbrath

American Collection Painting 28 (Twombly, Paolini), 2018, oil on canvas

Jewelry Paintings 01- 06, 2018, oil on canvas

Installation view

QUARRIED MARBLE detail, 2018, foam, plaster, acrylic, wood

Still Life with Champagne and Lobster, 2018, oil on canvas

In the Garden Room, 2018, oil on canvas