AWAY: video compilation release

Picture 1

Put together by Kalli Niedoba & Kelin Kaardal, “Away” is a compilation featuring 13 video works released on a custom USB card. The videos will be screened at Sunset Terrace on March 27th, 2014 in Vancouver, British Columbia.  We were lucky enough to get our hands on 30 USB cards that will be distributed inside the first 30 copies of issue 10, available for pre-order now! Scroll below to see some screen caps from AWAY. photo (52)


Still from “Rose Interior” by Mel Paget


Picture 54

Still from “Rolling Water” by Lauryn Youden


Picture 55

Still from ‘Swan Study” by Roxy Formless


Picture 20

Still from “Walking Below the Horizon Line” by Laura Piasta


Picture 12

Still from “Life Space: A New Approach to Home Design” by Maya Beaudry


Picture 5

Still from “Travel FAQs” by Emma LaMorte and Iselin Toubro



Still from “Indefinite Romp” by Frieda-raye Green



Still from “Doomsday/ Celebrate Us” by Kelin Kaardal



Still from “As Before” by Katrina Niebergal

Features work from the following artists:

Kristina Jaggard
Mel Paget
Frieda-raye Green
Andrea Lukic
Athena Papadopolous
Emma Lamorte
Iselin Toubro
Kelin Kaardal
Roxy Formless
Katrina Niebegal
Kalli Niedoba
Maya Beaudry
Kate Moss
Laura Piasta
Lauryn Youden

With special thanks to Brickpress and Karl Blau.