Art & Poetry by Jason Harvey

Art & concept by Jason Harvey, photos by Sonya Mandus

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I have a great idea
I am going to start a new great store
everything is made ethically
from locally sourced components
we make literally any thing u can think of
in creative loft space filled with vibrant young people
everyone is paid a lot of money, don’t worry
we have  made an iPad, it cost 20 000 dollars
it is the cheapest thing in the store
also works poorly

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I am in line at the grocery store
it feels bad and also boring
I am in no way excited to eat this food
the line moves very slowly
crawling towards the teenager who takes the money

the line up is now 300 or 400 people long

it makes me feel a bit like maybe,
this world was made for none of us specifically
we are all losers
mocked constantly
by inefficient ways to consume foodand produce waste


I am at a busy food court
they have all the restaurants
it is in a very loud big mall
A middle aged man sits near me
he has giant vanilla ice cream cone
he pauses to take a pic with his cell phone
it is inside of huge military grade cell phone case
He smile as he eats
and put the pic on his intstagram feed
I’m still there
making small cheese sandwich
with food I brought from home
I think of all the pathetic and beautiful moments
that happen every day in this food court

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I feel like it is crazy that the people I know
and see everyday
have lives when I am not around
or can’t see them
what are you guys doing?
are you thinking about me?
how can I be sure anything exists
if I cannot look at it


Small iPhone laying in the grass

you play music for me
you are on shuffle
I am drinking beer
I am alone
how many times have i dropped
you on the floor of public toilet
it is uncountable, unknowable