Montreal’s Mozart’s Sister invites Editorial Mag into her temporary studio for a deliciously intimate performance of “Angel,” off of her upcoming album ‘Field of Love.’ Set to release in February, Mozart’s Sister will host a hometown album launch mid-month, amidst a few other North American dates. Her live performance is absolutely not to be missed!…


Review: Eye Spy

PHOTOS BY YULIA ZINSHSTEIN Judy Chicago and Miriam Schapiro’s 1972 Womanhouse at California Institute of the Arts turned a home into a living art installation. Guests were encouraged to wander the rooms of a real home, each designed by a different artist, which helped to redefine stereotypes surrounding domesticity at the time. Womanhouse opened the…


Naive Painters: Essay by Claire Milbrath

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 15 Henri Rousseau  My favourite genre of art is naive art because it makes me smile. That classification is pretty dated by now, and calling something “primitive” or “naive” is seen as derogatory. But I do think the term “naive” is a good way to describe this type of work. Naive art…

Tau Lewis, Work, Documentation, Pendulum Project

Tau Lewis

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 15 Tau Lewis is Canadian multi-disciplinary artist whose sculptural work figures the human body and the organic form in a way that is glamorously mutant. Working primarily with plaster and resin, her sculptures include severed human parts dyed vibrant hues, and seemingly made-up faces stalled in the process of formation. Her body…


Patric DiCaprio X David Moses

Designers NYC Patric Dicaprio & David Moses bring us the latest in finger-fashions with this baby doll editorial. Outfits and style described by fashion correspondent Jordan Minkoff. Published in Issue 15.  Fashion tip #4325: Wrap the entire world around your finger with a look that can swallow the runway whole and in ONE bite. Lazy-chausseurs…


Preview: Dollarwears

Colin Meredith went shopping at the dollar store and turned his haul into a collection of one-off menswear garments! A bomber made exclusively of lunch-boxes, another military-inspired jacket cut from dyed J-cloths, and trackpants assembled from umbrellas, are among a few of the pieces found in his low-cost, high-fashion collection. Colin’s Dollarwears will be on display at…


In Almost Every Picture

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 15 AN INTERVIEW WITH CURATOR ERIK KESSELS BY SARAH IANNONE A few months ago I was rooting through the old photos at one of my favourite junk stores when I found a portrait of an elderly man holding a bouquet of flowers. I took a photo of it with my phone but…


Brighton Beach Editorial

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 15 Photographer: June Canedo Stylist: Tess Herbert Model: Ada O’Higgins Translator: Anna Teterkina Brighton Beach is a predominately Russian neighbourhood in Brooklyn, New York. It is where a lot of ex-Soviets immigrated in the late 80’s. It’s now called Little Odessa. It is still very much Russian today. So much so, that we thought best…


Antemortem Glory: An Essay by Brad Phillips

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 15 WRITTEN BY BRAD PHILLIPS Two Acrobats,  Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, 1932-33 There are two kinds of suffering. There is the suffering you run away from, which follows you everywhere. And there is the suffering you face directly, and so become free. – Ajahn Chah ANTEMORTEM GLORY: AN ESSAY BY BRAD PHILLIPS I’ve…


Let’s Talk With Kiera

The 3rd installment of Kiera McNally‘s very own advice column. Published in issue 15. Thanks to everyone who wrote in, and sorry to anyone we missed!  Hey Kiera. My girlfriend and I have been together for 4 years now. She’s Canadian from Montreal, I’m American from LA. We moved to Vancouver to be together but now…


STELLA Editorial

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 16 PHOTOS BY MAYA FUHR STYLING BY LEILA BANI   Clothing Credits: Stella wears her own jewelry throughout. Look 1:   Topshop tunic, Falke tights, Stylist’s own shoes Look 2: Cardigan and headband from Duchesse Vintage Look 3:  Darling blouse, Pink Stitch blazer and pants Look 4: mint coat Silvian Heach coat,…


DJ Lil Tuts ~ Vertex In Pisces Mix

A new mix from DJ Lil Tuts channeling the predisposed response to your karmic experience; your emotions – which become the enzymes of your destiny…. More mixes from Tuts @winona4ever  


Benjamin Barron X Marcus Cuffie

COME BACK AROUND WITH ME PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 15 Photographer: Benjamin Barron Stylist: Marcus Cuffie Hair: Sean Bennett Models: Marcs Bird, Jackson Beyda   Clothing Credits: Look 1:  cut out bra, underwear and knee high socks by Marie Yat, plexi-heeled shoes by Loewe, underwear models own Look 2: all pieces Moses Gauntlett Cheng. Look 3: …


Watch: New Vid from Kristian North

Another year and a another award-winning collaboration from Canada’s fastest editing video director (Dr.Cool) and Canada’s finest cultural commentator (and aspiring love guru), Kristian North. Any attempt to hold Mr. North back from spitting his street-poet musings will prove to be a waste of your time, so best to let this tune hip you to…


Premiere: Riohv’s Sun Shadow

Today we’re premiering “Sun Shadow”, the final track from Montreal producer Riohv’s latest release Green Room, out tomorrow on 1080p. We’ve been following Riohv (aka Braden Thompson) since his euphoric 2014 release Moondance, which became a staple here at the Editorial office. Riohv produced his new EP in a “burst” during last winter and spring, having recently relocated to Montreal. Anyone local…


Juliana Huxtable in the Studio

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 15 PHOTOS BY DAFY HAGAI WORDS BY WHITNEY MALLETT Descriptions of Juliana are always hyphenated. She’s a lot of things—an artist, poet, performer, DJ, model, muse, trans icon, and member of the House of LaDosha. She’s also a mean cook and a gracious hostess. She’s the voice in my head I hear…


Cixous72 x Bunny Lampert

Stylist Bunny Lampert teamed up with NY collective Cixous72 to bring us this milk-maid inspired editorial : )


Interview with Alison Yip

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 15 INTERVIEW BY ZOE KOKE Waiting Room, oil on canvas, 24 x 20″ 2014 Alison Yip is a painter from Calgary, now studying at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf in Germany. Her paintings blend muddy dreamscapes, diverse painting treatments, and elements of mundane common space while meditating on interiority. They are also so exploratory in colour and style,…