MALL IS MY LIFE: An Editorial!

Photo : Monika Mogi Art Direction: Marginal Press  Models : Naoki, Chico, Anna SHOP THE LOOK HERE!                                              Like what you see?! Shop the latest Editorial suits & hats at Marginal Press. Not available…


Joe McMurray: Fashion Explore

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 16. Without surfaces there are no depths. Fashion Explorer Joe McMurray lends us his critical eye for this examination of the ensembles of Los Angeles. Just like public health institutions, religious organizations often use fashion to depersonalize their adherents, subjugating the concept of the individual to that of a higher power. Sameness…

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LA Timpa: Adventures In East Pajdera

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 16 INTERVIEW BY JESSICA CANJE PHOTOS BY VULGARTEEN One day LA Timpa came to a fork in the road and saw a white-haired, purple-eyed unicorn beside a tall standing tree. “Which road should I take?” he asked. “Where do you want to go?” The charming unicorn replied. “I’m following where my instincts…


Interview with Kiko Mizuhara

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 15 INTERVIEW & PHOTOS BY MONIKA MOGI STYLING BY CHRISTINE LAI CO-STARRING YUKA MIZUHARA HAIR & MAKE-UP BY KANAKO YOSHIDA  I first met Kiko when we shot the cover for a Japanese magazine three years ago. For the Editorial, we wanted to take control and do something fun together — we had…


Char Esme’s Dody Rodent Traps



Emily Post-Internet Etiquette

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 15 WRITTEN BY WHITNEY MALLETT & ANGELINA DREEM From Santa Fe to Seoul, members from society wake, reaching for their interconnected devices, those glowing orbs that separate man from beast. We are always connected but too often there is a disconnect. Not because the IRL is any more “real” than the URL,…


Brad Phillips: Bullshit Both Talks & Walks

Brad Phillips’ photorealistic and text-based paintings are autobiographical, figuring his wife in intimate moments, or depicting various phrases that might amuse or terrify him. These are confessional works, expressing dread, absurdity and the complexity of love and domesticity. In turns provocative and erotic, or dad-jokey and sentimental, as a whole his work is confrontational—through his paintings,…

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○✰♫☽ WEYES BLOOD performing “BAD MAGIC” LIVE ☾☿♪ ♥︎ ▫︎

Watch our issue 16 cover-star/folk-dreamboat Weyes Blood sing “Bad Magic” to an entranced audience at Drones Club in Montreal. Video by Olivia Whittick. 


Bedroom Tour with Weyes Blood

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 16 Weyes Blood, otherwise known as Natalie Mering, is a Goddess Warrior fighting her way through life’s bullshit and transforming her frustration into beautiful, emotional, retro- futuristic 70s folk music. A true Gemini, she first appears as an urban, cool babe-around- town, but stick around a little longer and she turns into…



PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 16 PHOTOS BY MONIKA MOGI Hi! I am Gigi, I am a 20-something-year-old art student enjoying my life in the mid-2000s. I want to show you my environment, a place where people want to be and spend time in. I love La Monte Young’s Dream House! In my environment, there is a…


Interview with Tony Romano

Interview with Tony Romano, and review of his solo show New Work: 2014-2016 at Clint Roenisch. by Darby Milbrath Let me try and describe this to you. Walking into Tony Romano’s show at Clint Roenisch gallery you see a poster for a film and a welded bench inviting you to sit and watch the short film…

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Saty & Pratha Editorial

PHOTOS BY SATY & PRATHA STYLING & ART DIRECTION BY NARIMAN JAY MAKE UP: TAMI EL SOMBATI, HAIR: ALIZA ESMAIL, MANICURIST: NARGIS KHAN @P1M, SET STYLING: KRISTEN LIM TUNG                       Models: Michelle K @ Sutherland, Talvi. Sierra @ Seen, Bridget @ Elmer Olsen, Reau @ Elite , Sam @…

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Large, Deep Pit

PHOTO DOCUMENTATION BY LUKE ABBY VIDEO BY PAYTON BARRONIAN In December Merritt Meacham and Jerome AB co-curated the one-part performance piece/one-part fashion show Large, Deep Pit. Meacham and Ty Roach collaborated on a collection of wearable textile art, which was moved through the Brooklyn art-space on the bodies of the cast of 25, which included…


Firenze Lai

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 15 Firenze Lai’s work looks like what idiots call fin de siècle, which means 100 years old, from when art thought that it could accomplish important things, which we now know is not true, but nonetheless a quaint thought. Actually, that’s not totally true, since experiencing art can make us feel things, like…

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Lena Shkoda X Bunny Lampert

Photos by Lena Shkoda Styling by Bunny Lampert Hair makeup by Darcy Wang Featuring Rachel Trachtenburg & Masami Hosono Shot at Bi-Rite Studio Clothing Credits: 1. Dress: Julie Lemarechal t-shirt: Vintage shirt courtesy of Cherry Vintage shoes: Vintage Vintage chairs courtesy of Bi-Rite Studio 2. Pants: Vaquera tshirt: Vintage shirt courtesy of Cherry Vintage shoes: Vintage…


Laurie Kang: Line Litter at Franz Kaka

TEXT BY DARBY MILBRATH & YANIYA LEE Pink guts, bones, and bodily fluids girdled by fleshy silicone frames and attached like vertebrae on an undulating spinal cord, Laurie Kang’s new solo show Line Litter is clinical, somatic and tense.  I wanted to touch everything, yet it’s also intentionally cold, like a kiss with lips pursed….


Katrina Cervoni Editorial

Photography & Styling by Katrina Cervoni Model: Sasha @ SEEN Agency Clothing Credits: 1. Jumpsuit: Mama Loves You Shoes: Puma Earrings: Model’s own 2. Top: Rebaie by Rebee Shoes: Mama Loves You Skirt & stockings: Model’s own 3. Dress: Mama Loves You Gloves: Rebaie by Rebee Shoes & belt: Stylist’s own 4. Top: Junya Watanabe for Comme des Garçons …